Insurance schemes in the agriculture sector to address climate change impacts

Abstract: As climate change inflates residual risk and budgetary constraints limit the ability of the public sector to address damage compensations, insurance is called to play an increasingly relevant role in compensating natural hazards damages. Public Private Partnerships can support the development of insurance schemes that hedge a larger number of farmers and expand risk coverage, including risks to the environment. This paper surveys the insurance landscape, introduces the more relevant ch...

Grey swans in the lagoon: Dr. David Adamson’s (UQ) talk on Modeling Awareness & Decision Making in water management

Dr. David Adamson (University of Queensland, Australia) visited FEEM premises in Venice (28-30 January 2015). On Thursday 29 October at 12.00 he presented his work on "Modeling Awareness & Decision Making: The Case of Climate Change and Water Resources". The talk is available below:       Abstract: We can classify future problems and their contingencies into 3 level of increasing unawareness: White Swans, Grey Swans and Black Swans (Taleb 2007). White Swans are...

COST-ADAPT Webinar – Climate change and agriculture

  Some preliminary results of WATER INCENT were presented in this COST-ADAPT webinar hold the 28/09/2015. The webinar consisted of two presentations. The first one was delivered by Dr. Maria de Salvo (Università di Verona, Italy) and focused on climate change impacts on specific crops. The second one presented the research conducted in the context of WATER INCENT and focused on the role that incremental charges and income insurance may have in climate change adaptation in the Regione...