BOOSTER BLUE (Economic Instruments For Sustainable Water Management And Resilient Growth In Water Stressed Areas) is an AXA Post-Doctoral Fellowship awarded by the AXA Research Fund. This research builds upon the research being conducted under WATER INCENT and further expands its geographical scope. The project is developed by Dr. C. Dionisio Pérez-Blanco, under the direct scientific supervision of Dr. Jaroslav Mysiak.

WATER INCENT is instrumental to BOOSTER BLUE. BOOSTER BLUE will act as a leverage to build new methods that elaborate on the outcomes provided by WATER INCENT. The objective of BOOSTER BLUE is twofold: 1) Link the microeconomic models developed within WATER INCENT with a Computable General Equilibrium (CGE) macroeconomic model to complement the estimation of the direct (through microeconomic models) impacts of the proposed instruments with an estimation of indirect impacts (through the macroeconomic model); 2) Expand the geographical scope of the research to validate the robustness of the (micro and macro) methodologies and assess their transferability, through the incorporation of three new case study areas in the UK (South West RBD), Greece (Pinios RBD) and Republic of Cyprus. Selected case study areas have distinctive features and offer research complementarities: the Segura and Cyprus rank among the most overexploited river basins in the EU, and water scarcity is chronic; Pinios periodically suffers droughts and is also exposed to the problems that stem from a growing scarcity; and the Po and the South West RBDs are otherwise water abundant basins increasingly exposed to drought spells that, while not threatening human needs, significantly impact on the environment.